Failing all of that – Stop being good

Louise Jacobs was born into wealth and fortune. She had everything a girl could dream of.

A happy childhood, a wealthy family and parents that only want the best for Louise. But she goes down […]

Erich Kästner II – Josty

“Moritz, you cry too much,” Erich said as he walked with me through the Tiergarten on our way to Potsdamer Platz. It was a day of the week, I often forgot which one. I […]

Man nehme zum Dichten

Man nehme zum Dichten:
eine Weile, Feder, Stift und Feile
streiche die Saite,
spähe in die Weite
unausgesprochener Gedanken
und warte lange Stunden.

Bald rührt sich der Vers im Unterholz.
Es knacken und brechen die Zweige
s’ist die Idee
die sich aus dem […]

I Love You

Steal my kisses
Then you will know
What I would so like to know.

Where will you find them
What is it,
I am vacant.

I would give you my sight
To live from the vision of you

Give me your smell
So […]


Montana 2012

Montana 2013

Lesotho, Swasiland, Mozambique 2013


Littenheid 2000

Native Americans 2009/2012

Cowboys 2012

Erich Kästner I – Roman

I sauntered past the campaign poster on a house front that begged someone, anyone, to “Save my Prussia! Vote for ticket 2 the German National Party” and watched a ragged figure stir under a […]

The Homesick Café: A Story of My Family

Even at the age of 22, Louise Jacobs could not remember the name of her paternal grandmother. She also couldn’t say where her maternal grandmother had been born. “North German farmers”, her father always […]

Society Games

Leo Becker is a painter and lives in Berlin. He enjoys unbridled success, the attention of the world’s top art collectors, and his pictures are worth a fortune. Driven by his wife and promoted […]